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IMCB X-ray facility houses two independent, state-of-the-art personal desktop beamlines: 1) a Bruker X8 PROTEUM system consisting of a MICROSTAR micro-focus X-ray generator, a PLATINUM135 CCD detector, and a 4-circle KAPPA goniometer, and 2) a MARRESEARCH MARDTB system consisting of a MAR345 image plate detector and a MARDTB goinostats with easymount function. The two beamlines share the same highly intense and reliable X-rays generated by the MICROSTAR. With the fast and sensitive CCD detector, and the extremely flexible goniometer, the X8 PROTEUM system can deliver within hours X-ray diffraction data with high resolution and multiplicity. The MARDTB system’s large image plate detector is ideal for crystals with long unit-cell axis, and its easymount function makes screening crystals an easier and more user-friendly process.


BrukerX8 MarResearch_MarDTB


Experienced users are required to be registered as licensed radiation workers before being granted access to the facility. Please contact the safety officers in your respective Institutions for more details. Inexperienced users and industry users should contact Bo Xue in order to discuss your requirements. Collaborations are welcome.


Person-in-charge: Bo XUE, PhD
Address: 61 Biopolis Drive, Proteos #03-44, Singapore 138673
Tel: +65-6586-9844
Fax: +65-6997-1117